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You want a new job. You haven't had much luck finding one so far. As a matter of fact, you can't even get an interview. Maybe it is time to rethink the job search! Here are some recommendations...
do with them what you will.
Make sure you revamp every resume you send in to sepecifically fit the job. This doesn't mean lie or misrepresent your experience. Rather, it means to highlight the specific requirements for the jbo you are applying and how you meet them. You don't meet them, move on. Don't waster your time or the time of the hiring manager. They are giving you the checklist, follow it.
Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. Don't put specifics on LinkedIn, that way when you personalize your resume for each job, you still match up.
Add some color! Yes, I said color! Not too much, but enough to grab the readers' attention. Maybe your name and the sections. Play around with it, it is a great way to individualize your resume and make it set out in the crowd.