AJ's Recruiting Services

We find the right job for you!
AJ's Recruiting Services was created by two basic needs:

1- Employers looking for outstanding candidates; and
2- Candidates looking for a great job!
After dealing with various recruiting efforts on both the candidate and recruiters' side, it became very clear that everyone was wasting a lot of time with very little to show for it. How much sense does it make for a candidate to get showered, dressed and drive for an hour to meet with a recruiter to never hear from them again? None! And how much sense does it make for an employer to hand over a job order to a recruiter and then get blasted with resumes for candidate that are far from ideal? None!!


We decided we were going to make the process very simple:

Step 1- Provide all information about positions we are recruiting for in a transparent and open forum; and

Step 2- Provide candidates that meet the requirements of employers.

That's it!!

( Keep I t S imple S tupid)